In 2020, Africa Water Wells was contacted by a Kenyan in nursing at the University of Michigan who was interested in a well in her village of Kapkures. Pastor John Bett knew her, since her family had lived in his area. Our guidelines were given to her: the site had to be located at a school and the community population had to be at least 3,000. Joylene began the process and when the AWW board was determining the 2021 drilling site we scheduled a zoom conference with Joylene. She happened to be in Kenya on a project for Johns Hopkins and Kapkures was our choice. Our driller, Christian Relief Fund, began the steps to drill. 

It was learned that a committee from Tenwek, the famous missions hospital, provided training in soap making, some-thing we have wanted to offer. That class took place in Kapkures and we plan to include it in all well drillings.

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