Kipnogsos Special Needs School has 118 students with 400 on the waiting list. NO CLEAN WATER.

Future projects were discovered in the fact finding trip of 2019. 5 schools, both primary and secondary, are operating without the advantage of clean water. We hope to change those conditions through the drilling of water wells, resulting in tower/tanks, hand pumps or sand filters.



    Soimosyek Primary has 300         students located very far from     a water source. Poor area.

Akshar Secondary School has 650 students with a primary school near by. No clean water.

Training Lelach Secondary Teachers  on using Rachel Pi Educational Material.
Training Kambira Primary Teachers on using Rachel Pi Educational Material.

Sotik Primary School has 1,000 students with only one rain catch water system. More are needed.

 Kipsingi Secondary School has 610 highly moti-vated day students and 40 boarders. They ranked 16th of 200 schools with 48 qualifying for univer-sities. NO WATER SOURCE.

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